Half Term Arrives

As ever before half term, I will keep my blog relatively short with the newsletter to follow later, and indeed it sees another busy half term draw to close, albeit with the various revision sessions over the next week there will be a lot of staff and Year 11 students that don’t have much of a break; however, if the weather holds like this week, then the bulk of the students will be enjoying some glorious weather during their time off. Indeed, I did say to my Year 11 class – and I think this surprised them somewhat during the middle of their exams – that I felt it was important that all Year 11 students have at least one full, clear day off away from revision over the holidays to either chill and relax, or have a day out and get distracted positively from the rigours of revision.

We should, of course, spare a thought for those families affected by the tragic events in Manchester on Monday evening who would have been planning for their breaks next week as well. Whilst terrorism sadly appears to be a reality of modern life, there is something especially deplorable in so obviously targeting children at a pop concert. As a school, we fell silent yesterday at 11 o’clock as our mark of respect. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the communities affected.

Could I take this opportunity to notify/remind parents (depending on where you live) that the school will be used as a polling station on the 8th June? The school will remain open, but it will obviously not be possible to use the Youth Centre as the polling station itself this year. (The area is used for the students that have extra time for their exams, and we did not want to disrupt their continuity of experience). This means that we will be using classrooms at the front of the school, and students will have to be re-roomed. Whilst not ideal in terms of logistics, we felt it was important that the school buildings still serviced the community and democracy. As you would imagine, even before Monday’s events, there was a plan for a number of officials to be on duty to ensure that the voters are kept apart from the school community.

Wishing you all a restful break

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