Britain’s Future

As we wake up to an uncertain future in the country’s political landscape, it will be a strange time in the public sector; where will public policy take us, who will shape the agenda, and what will funding look like. Equally, as someone interested in politics, it is fascinating that in recent elections that we seem unable to return a government with a strong majority for a single party over the last 3 elections, and (in England, at least) the return to two party politics given the size of both Conservative and Labour votes; fascinating times. To the wider community, I offer very little apologies for relocating the polling station for this election. The old Youth Centre is the best venue for the polling station, but the clash with the GCSE Maths exam – that will determine the futures of so many of your young adults – meant that the “usual” arrangements were impractical and would have disadvantaged our students in their exams.

In terms of the school, I want to briefly mention the issue of homework, and the new approach from September. As with many schools, both locally and nationally, we will adopt an online homework platform (although this doesn’t mean all homework will be completed online). After presentations from a number of providers, we have decided to move forward with ‘Show My Homework’, and the full launch will be in September. Homework should be about preparing students for the learning they are undertaking, but also easily tracked by parents and staff alike to ensure completion. The blog is not the place for the fine detail, but there will be an expectation around the amount of homework per subject per fortnight rather than a fixed timetable, and a broader theme around each year group. Whilst there will always be debate around homework and the best way to improve it, we believe this will allow a fresh re-launch of homework at Marshalls Park, and have a similar effect to the impact of GSCEpod and SAM learning with the current Year 11. I look forward to sharing full details at the start of the Autumn Term.

In the meantime, I look forward to a weekend of political intrigue.

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