How many people does it take to catch a rabbit?

We hosted the Tea in the Quad event on Tuesday; in the drizzle for the 2nd year running, so it became tea in the library again. This is where where we meet our new Year 7 students that need that little bit of extra nurturing as they start their time at Marshalls Park. It was lovely for the students to feel comfortable in the school, and get to meet our SEND ambassadors as well as our rabbit collection. The only slight issue was that one of hutches got left open and by the morning a rabbit was out. Mick, our Site Manager and I were first into school, and despite our best endeavours, the rabbit ran us ragged for 10 minutes, so we decided to wait until Ms Butler was in (hoping that the rabbit knew her better and would come to her). When Mrs Essery and Mrs Wilson arrived they wondered what Mick and I had been up to with soaking wet trouser legs, and then the 3 of us decided to give it another go…all I am saying is that Mrs Essery’s rabbit entrapment skills are far superior to mine, and within two minutes the rabbit was safely back in his cage. Clearly next year, it will be one of those roles that I delegate from the outset!

Yesterday, was one of the highlights for me personally in our calendar; the combination of the Lower School Prize Giving, the DT and Art exhibition (catered by our students), and finally the last night of the Parklands production (Beauty and the Beast, this year). I told a story on stage in Prize Giving about how poor I was at technology at school (CDT in those days), and how my woodwork teacher had thrown a plane at me for not concentrating; the truth was that I was concentrating, I just couldn’t do it and needed help. I think the teacher gave up on me, and my wife will testify to this day that I can’t be trusted on even the simplest DIY jobs, but it goes to reinforce that we all need to find our niches in the school and life. The students yesterday, including the Parklands students, all excelled in their fields. They were rewarded for their endeavours, and they will go on to excel in those areas.

In that respect, can I make a special mention to all those students that got awards in more than 1 category – I think, like many, they have earned their summer holidays. Truly impressive efforts.

Enjoy your weekend.

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