The Pleasure of a Learning Walk

I remember a few years ago when the phrase learning walk became really contentious in education because it was seen that we (meaning senior staff) were making judgements about individual teachers, but nothing could be further from the truth. The purpose of these walks is go a little deeper than the regular corridor walks, and actually look at the learning of the students. This week, we (mainly Mrs Gilroy and I) spent a 2 hour block looking around at the learning of our students, and whether our higher expectations were being met in the classroom, and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure. The learning experience was challenging, interesting and engaging. The students were responding magnificently, and were keen to show their work to us. For me, there is nothing better than watching the learning experience and seeing how students are responding.

The other aspect that is always pleasing is the sheer variety of learning, to give you some idea about the topics we encountered on our learning walk: solving square roots without a calculator, medieval torture, the religious reformation in C16th, Romeo and Juliet, creative story writing introductions around the Curious Incident, the genetic breeding of cows, plus a Spanish listening task that I didn’t understand! That diverse learning experience is what schools should be about, alongside the extra-curricular activities, that our students need to flourish and enjoy learning.

Have a good weekend.

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