Getting feedback

The Year 11 students this week have been through their Pre Public Examinations (PPEs) to help give them a real sense of their current exam performance; we have stressed to the students that whilst this is far from a final grade, and indeed won’t be the only element that makes up their references for sixth forms and colleges, it does provide a moment in time to ascertain their performance under pressure. The students have conducted themselves brilliantly in the exam hall, and many students have chosen to stay on site and do additional revision during their study periods. It’s hard to take pleasure in watching students working in an exam hall per se, but the overwhelming majority of them deserve a relaxing weekend and an opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I have said before that these results at Key Stage 4 shape the destinies of students’ lives, and those that work hard will see the dividends in the end.

My other reflection on the week, at a personal level, is I always feel the rest of the school probably see less of me around during the exam season; I am sure that everyone understands that their time will come, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss those interactions with the rest of the student body. I have always enjoyed the interactions with students at lunch time around the site when you can really gauge their feelings and thoughts about issues, and I probably get less of that feedback during these intense Year 11 weeks in the school calendar. It also tends to mean you miss getting feedback on all the sports fixtures, trip and visits, lessons, drama rehearsals, and social interactions that make up a school.

Mr Pickering is currently spending some time reviewing Show My Homework after the first 3 months; we know, due to issues with the Management Information System, there were teething issues with the logistics; however, we believe the bulk of those have settled down and some routines have now been established. If any parents/carers feel inclined to drop him an email about early thoughts over the next few days, it will help us build a picture of the parental view. We know that more work is being set (it ultimately links to the agenda above), and the majority of parents I speak to appreciate the ease of communication through the app, but we always welcome constructive feedback about a major new initiative like Show My Homework.

I hope to see some of you at the Friends of Marshalls Park Bingo tonight, enjoy your weekends.

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