Welcome back

I hope that everyone has enjoyed some time with their families during the last two weeks.

On Tuesday we hosted the joint training day with William Edwards School as part of our partnership work, and it was excellent to watch colleagues from two different schools looking at teaching and learning; the focus was robust assessments (which doesn’t just mean tests, I hasten to add) to ensure accuracy of tracking students through their curriculum over 5 years, but through the vehicle of sharing resources and comparing work standards. It was noticeable how much the two schools have in common in terms of trials and tribulations of the profession, and it really helped to develop the synergy between colleagues.

Having said that, it is always enjoyable seeing the students return after holidays; even with the world of constant interaction, there is still something lovely about students catching up with their friends after holidays (perhaps especially after the Christmas break, when perhaps students spend more time with families than just seeing their mates). It’s lovely to hear the students discussing their breaks, their holidays, their new presents, and their days out.

So, after a short (if very windy) week, I wish you all enjoyable weekend.

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