Carpe diem

When I started in the profession, it was fairly common place for students and staff to play sports matches against each other, but over the years, it has undoubtedly dwindled in my experience. Part of the reason, is health and safety. It was mainly established through legal precedent rather than actual direct legislation around culpability, but there is also a change in emphasis around school lunch and social times. This week, for the first time since I have been at Marshalls, I joined in a staff versus student match to help get our Year 10 squad ready for the national qualifiers. I do confess that volleyball is not really a sport I have ever played, or frankly that I am any good at, but it was an opportunity to spend some time with a different demographic of students. For reference, it was 1 set all between the staff and students, so probably the best result for all concerned.

Interestingly after that, I spent time with another different group of students from Year 8 who were embarking on their Latin lessons in the evening. This is a pilot group of Year 8 students that have shown a real aptitude for languages through their first 18 months at Marshalls Park, and they are going to work with a Latin tutor who lives locally (and has previously, privately, worked with our students).  I found myself sorely tempted to ‘seize the moment’ to join them as they were discussing the Latin origins of the English language, but I had to remember these opportunities are for the students!

Talking of opportunities, our second cohort of Brilliant Club students had their induction at the UEA (University of East Anglia) yesterday. I hope they take as much enjoyment and challenge from the experience as last year’s cohort. These opportunities, of course, are not the “bread and butter” of school life. Although some subjects have been running support workshops for a while, the bulk of Year 11 intervention and revision sessions start next week. I encourage student to please start to consider the sessions that you need/can attend as part of your revision programme.

Have a lovely weekend.

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