Making it a little brighter

I spent a little time away with some family friends last week. Contrary to popular belief I am allowed a break from school sometimes, and I knew the paint fumes, from areas of the school that were being redecorated, would make me feel ill all week if I stayed here. I found myself trying to offer options advice to my friend’s daughter. The good news is that she has a broad idea that she wants to do some form of high level engineering/computing, the difficult part was trying to offer advice without switching to Headteacher mode…there will  have been a form tutor somewhere in the country that suddenly had a very informed tutee on Monday morning and hopefully, the student has a clearer idea of how to create a bright future for herself.

In terms of school, whilst we couldn’t get the whole school painted over half term, it does feel like we have broken the back of main corridors; the cleaner, whiter image look will improve the environment, and the photos of students learning will go up in the coming weeks to positively reinforce the culture and atmosphere of the school. I’m no expert in Feng Shui, but I have always believed students deserve an environment that is conducive to learning, i.e. bright, light, clean etc. I have said that I want the students to return to new developments and investments after most holidays, to help with that process of a covenant between us, and hopefully they have noticed the difference already.

Wishing you all a bright and pleasant, if slightly cold, weekend.

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