A Sobering Return to Normality

It has been nice to return to relative normality after last week’s wintery weather, although at a personal level I have noticed that huge backlog of paperwork coming through from external agencies; equally huge numbers of events and activities needed rearranging, for example rehearsals for assessed musical pieces for the Year 11’s final performances, and countless sports fixtures.

The Year 11s this week have settled well to their PPEs; their last opportunity to practice before the real exams in the summer, and it was lovely to see so many parents at the Year 10 Parents Evening last night.

A “highlight” of the week were the staff training workshops on Tuesday evening; the sessions were on abuse and trauma, so I am not sure “highlights” represents the content. The session that I joined (mainly) was the ‘trauma’ session which used research and case studies of young people that come from adoptive homes, and the anxiety that they will have experienced in their formative years. Many of the experienced staff will have had sessions on this before, but I think it is useful to remind colleagues about the emotional baggage students’ can carry from their home lives. In many respects, it has that sobering effect on the colleagues, and reminds us all why we choose to work with such a variety of young people in a comprehensive setting.

Next week, I am at the Havering Headteachers’ Conference, so Mrs Essery will be writing the blog.

Have a good weekend

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