Historical buildings and new buildings

It feels right to have a timely update on development plans around the school, and whilst not everything is finalised, the start of the next phase will commence over the next few weeks. I will write a more formal letter when we have certainty on everything. The residents nearest to us will already know that we have planning permission for a temporary build to be situated to the rear of the school, whilst work is completed on the Youth Centre (either a complete refurbishment or a new build, the latter being the preferred option still for the school). The vast majority of this work on establishing the temporary build will be completed over the Easter break, although we may not start using it immediately after Easter. One clear implication is that this will represent the first stage in the process of moving the students around the site differently, and this will change regularly over the next 18 months. As soon as we are certain around full timescales, we will write to confirm any necessary changes to break and lunchtime routines.

Additionally over the Easter, works will commence on the issue of the school’s flat roofs and the refurbishment of 2 more science labs. Whilst the science labs will have the most immediate impact, the other projects provide the physical infrastructure for the next stage of the school’s premises development. Year 11 revision workshops over Easter will continue, but rooms may need to be changed over the period depending on where the contractors need access to on the school site.

On a completely different tack, I really enjoyed joining the Year 7 students on their History trip to Hampton Court Palace on Monday. As a history teacher, I loved taking students on trips and really allowing history to come alive. It’s always fascinating to see the difference between the students that have regularly been to historical sites (whether castles, battlefields, museums etc.) and those that have rarely had those opportunities; the former, will revel in the details and the depth of detail; the latter will captivated by the size and beauty of the place, or the sheer opulence of the palace. Regardless, the students were able to explore a place of historical significance and extend their knowledge, all ultimately attributes that will help them achieve in education. For me personally, it was lovely to have the opportunity to accompany them, and a rare opportunity to have a back to basics day where I could “forget” about the main job for a few hours and enjoy teaching students about history.

Have a good weekend, and I am off to practise my football skills for the headers challenge with the Year 8 students at lunchtime.

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