A very warm welcome back

As I say welcome back after the Easter break, it appears that Summer has arrived as well. The weather has been wonderful this week and has eventually dried out the field, so that we can use it at lunch time.  My only slight sympathy is with the Year 11 students, since in the evenings as they are busy revising, the rest of the students are enjoying the sunshine; but their extended summer break will happen after exams. The students (and obviously the staff) have returned reinvigorated after the break.

There has been a fair amount of building work over Easter, although not without the odd hiccup as you would expect. The remaining two science labs have been refurbished, the work has started on the flat roofs, and unfortunately (as the local neighbours will have noticed) nothing has happened with the temporary build. When  the foundations were being dug, the workmen hit a gas pipe that wasn’t on the planning documents: at this stage, we are reviewing with the Local Authority about the best course of actions, and I will keep you posted. The unexpected consequence of this was that the electrical preparation work that was undertaken to find a solution, then caused a power surge in the kitchens. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise until Monday morning that this has caused an issue with the electronic pincode for the gas supply to the kitchens, and therefore I can only apologise for the lack of hot food on Monday, although we have now resolved this issue.

Parents will have been receiving their links to the Parent App during today, and we will upload reports at the start of next week. It has taken a few days longer than expected this week, due to various IT patches that were needed, but we believe everything is now smooth and operational (thanks to the parents that “volunteered” to be our guinea pigs). As I said in my letter before the break, we will gradually switch on the functionality of the App over the next few months, so that it becomes the predominant source of communication with parents from September.

I hope you all enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

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