Examining “Love Island”

The most light hearted moment of the week has to come when I overheard a group of exam invigilators discussing whether they should allow their daughters to watch “Love Island”. They initially seemed slightly worried when I asked what they were discussing and that I was somehow displeased by the conversation, but in reality, I was slightly intrigued by the debate. A friend of mine suggested that I watched it last year, so I watched the final episode and found it bizarre; but she challenged me to watch it from the start this year. I have been trying, but I have to say by day 3 I am getting bored of listening to the same shallow conversations and find myself entirely agreeing with one of the invigilators comments that these shows “cannot be good for girls’ (although I don’t see boys as any different) perceptions around body image”. But, further I worry about the immorality it encourages in impressionable teenagers. However, the amusing part was that two Year 11s were heading down the corridor to their exams, and found it very strange that we were discussing “Love Island”. Personally, I suspect I will fail my challenge of watching the series as soon as the football starts properly next Thursday.

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