Serious about Success

I was showing a visitor around the school on Thursday afternoon and happened across the Year 10 Intervention session in Maths ahead of their exams this week; we were both thoroughly impressed by the Year 10s attitude and commitment, with virtually the whole year attending the session. Interestingly, I was then asked that evening, by a Year 6 parent, whether/to what extent results will increase in the next 3 years; whilst I think it is difficult to be so precise, given the range of measures we are judged against, it is the evidence like the Year 10 session that shows me the culture of success is changing and reassures me that results will improve and that our students are no different to others in the country. This week the Year 10s have their first set of practice examinations in the Sports Hall, and they are really adopting a serious and considered approach to them; whilst they are not meant as the only guide as to how students will perform next summer, they are an early bench mark.

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