No Rest For The Wicked?

The reality is that all weeks have the same amount of student /adult interaction, but somehow it just seems that some weeks in schools are far busier than others – and that is certainly the feel of this week.

Monday – we welcomed back year 10 from their PPEs last week. I spoke to the cohort last Friday and said how impressed we were with their attitude in the exam hall, and I can testify that the students are keen to know their grades and how to improve in lessons. But the old cliché stands: there was no rest for the wicked! Over Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Cusack had shortlisted the students that would be interviewed for Head Boy and Head Girl, but we had to juggle those over 2 days due to drama rehearsals and district sports.

Tuesday – More Year 10 Senior student interviews coupled with a large representation at the district sports. Our students performed really well (check the PE twitter feed for the results) with several medal performances. In the evening, there was the first performance of the Addams Family which was a great collaboration of students from different year groups.

Wednesday – At the start of the day, we announced the results of the Head Boy/Head Girl Interviews, plus the roles of some of the other senior prefects. The process is really difficult as there are so many good students to choose from that want the roles. Whilst you want to pick everyone, and plenty more that didn’t make the shortlist, there does have to be duly chosen students. The students will introduce themselves more on Monday in p6 assembly, but my congratulations to Brodie Riches and Archie Glenister, who were chosen as Head Boy and Head Girl. One of the ideas that was suggested, actually by another student, was that the Senior Prefects should write some of these blogs and introduce themselves, so that is something we will work on over the coming months. The afternoon was Sports Day, and it was lovely to see the real community spirit in the school, especially in the heat! There were some great team and individual performances, and I am not surprised that the queue was so long for the ice cream van! In the evening, I had a meeting with the Latin tutor to review the progress of the Year 8 students on the twilight programme, and looking at how the pilot has gone for this year.

Thursday – We had various new staff for September in school, including Matt Suttenwood, our new Deputy Head. This was a great opportunity to for the colleagues to get to know our school better, and see our students in action away from the pressure of the interview days. At lunchtime, I attended the Trewern celebration event, and I introduced Mr Munday to the cohort. For reasons I can’t explain publically, I picked one student to explain the impact of the trip in the context of his life, and the student in question spoke eloquently about the impact  that the trip and the school was having. In the afternoon, Mr Munday stayed to meet a group of Year 9 and 10 students to ask them about the improvements in the school, and how they had found the year. In the evening, I took my family to watch the Addams Family production, which we all thoroughly enjoyed with its clever combination of slapstick humour (I think the younger children in the audience will all have found Callum’s torture scene to be the highlight judging by the hysterics), and the adult, risqué double-entendres – I am not sure many children understood all of the content (especially Caitlyn’s solo piece). A wonderful production by all!

Friday – And so on to today, we have the Year 11 leavers’ breakfast and assembly first thing, followed by a normal school day for us whilst the Year 11 students go off to various hairdressers, make-up places, and spray tan salons to get ready for Prom.  We look forward to seeing them in their finest later at Orsett Hall.

All of these just show how many events and activities schools put on, and we have to protect these features regardless of current government policy. On the way home last night, my eldest said to me that he wanted to go to a certain secondary school locally (I have a choice of 2 really) and not the other one. I naturally asked why…his answer: he heard that at Harrison’s school they no longer do school drama productions! (Harrison is in Year 9 and my son idolises him) Clearly I will check the validity of that when I go on the Open Evening season (as a parent) in September, but how tragic that these things are happening! This weekend he has his lines to learn for his performance next week, although I suspect he might be slightly distracted on Saturday afternoon…can’t think why?!

Have a glorious weekend, and let’s hope we can still be dreaming when I write my blog next week.

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