‘Could you just …’

I often try to explain to friends away from schools how busy the end of the summer term is with different events, and that they might not hear from me as much as usual in the last 3-4 weeks of school. Before Christmas, you hear about all these events that are going on in companies and industry, and the end of the summer term is like that in teaching. To give you some idea over the last 3 weeks, we have had Year 6 Induction parents evening, Tea in the Quad, Prize Giving, the Addams Family production, Sports Day, Year 11 Leavers Assembly, Year 11 Prom, Year 6 students Induction Week, Science and PE residentials, as well as countless day trips and visits. These events don’t happen by luck, they happen by a huge amount of work from dedicated staff throughout the school that recognise the value of these events in broadening an education. Whether it is Mrs Walker and the office answering the parental queries and dealing with the paperwork, Mrs Dann and the organisation of the high profile events, the individual event owners, the health and safety paper work that goes in to each of these events (Mrs Dann again and Mr Brown), and the tireless site team who have to set up the events under Mr Boot. Without these people, and many more, events couldn’t run and we would be a far lesser school, so thank you.
Equally, the end of this term is incredibly busy period in getting the schedule of summer works ready. I spoke to the school about it in assembly on Monday, and I think they appreciated the improvements that we are making again this year. I will let the students explain the list at home to the parents amongst you, so can I say a special thank you to Tony Boot (and his team) and Peter Melville from SWECET who does so much organisation in the background to allow all these developments to occur, as well as keeping the school running normally. This last week as been particularly taxing, as the local residents will testify last Friday, another gas pipe was hit during the building works and we had to cordon off large areas at the back of school (as per my message last week, we constantly monitored the levels elsewhere to ensure that the children/staff were not at risk), and then this week we have had cracks appears over the field as this baking weather has taken its toll. I am sure the site team are fed up with seeing my phone number come up knowing that I will say “could you just….”. In the end, whether motivated by school improvement or safety of children, all these things are necessary.
Could I take a brief moment to thank a year 7 parent (Ms Haider) who I sat next to at the Parklands play on Tuesday (a lovely version of Mary Poppins); normally I go on Thursday but I had a Havering Sixth Form Governors meeting after Prize Giving, so I had switched evenings, and before the start of the show I was texting my wife to see how my eldest was getting on in his performance, and Ms Haider said to me “do you even get to see your children in events etc?” (paraphrasing slightly), and I said rarely because of commitments here and that Ethan’s performance this week had been brought forward 90 minutes on Wednesday so I had no chance of seeing it this time as well. She said, but you are working now in to the evening and people forget that, you need to still leave promptly tomorrow, so that you don’t miss his performance. So for once, I listened to advice and shot out of school on Wednesday to watch his performance. Thank you for looking after my work life balance!
Next week is newsletter week at the end of term, so can I take this opportunity to wish you a lovely summer holiday.
Enjoy your weekend.
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