A Rollercoaster Few Weeks

Sometimes, I use this blog to give an insight in to the life of a Headteacher, and I thought I would use this opportunity to do just that. The last few weeks have been quite a roller coaster with some great highs and the odd real low! Of course, those moments pass and you see the bigger picture having had time to reflect and find the inner resilience to carry on. There have been moments when I thought nothing was going to work (even down to the realisation that the school stage curtains would only stay open as the wires had come off the winch just before assembly on Monday). Overall, I am hopeful that students are feeding back some lovely things about the re-fit, and I know one parent took the time to pull up in their car the other day to thank me.

At a personal level, and this is a message I shared with the students on Monday, there are times when I thought nothing was going our way, but you have to remember that these moments pass and that the end product is what matters. I would argue that this is a valuable lesson in life for us all, but especially for children. Part of our role is to prepare students for adult life with all the trials and tribulations that brings – coping with work pressures, breaking up with partners, paying the bills – all things that need that inner resilience, but also that you stay dignified throughout. I suppose what we all try to do is the old fashioned thing of being a “true gent”, and remember we never have all the answers and won’t agree with all the decisions in any given situation. It doesn’t always matter whether you agree with someone else’s decision, it’s about reluctantly respecting it and hoping they see your way in the end – even if that takes a while. I hope people agree they are valuable life lessons?

I think if you had said to me three years ago that I was going to be juggling this many projects, I would have been surprised, but ultimately incredibly pleased. Pete Melville (Chief Operating Officer of SWECET, who the students are increasingly used to seeing around school) loves a WhatsApp group to keep everyone updated (especially over the last few weeks) on progress. I think I was almost addicted on waiting for the next WhatsApp message to come through (having hardly used WhatsApp before this summer) and hoping that it would bring good news through the updates. Personally, there is an enjoyment in the thrill of the chase, but actually that pales in to insignificance compared to the final result. If I think about all the message groups, I can probably start leaving most of them. The projects are largely complete, and as I said to the students on Monday its about setting very ambitious goals, even if a few projects still need bottoming out. Of the WhatsApp conversations I am in (different aspects of different projects each had its own group), I think 80% are now redundant, a couple are still finishing off, and 1 project I hope will resurrect itself in time because I still think it’s a good idea – but I guess it just goes to show, you can’t have everything your own way!

I have to be honest after the roller coaster of the last few weeks, I have a weekend of mundanity ahead with haircuts, opticians appointments (usually late summer holiday jobs but I’ve been distracted), and maybe a bit of DIY: it’s probably not the most exciting way to spend the time, and definitely not the highlight of the week!

It’s been a pleasure watching the students settle back in properly this week, and I hope you all have a happy and relaxing weekend.

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