Ahead of our Open Evening next week, I found myself in my own local school’s Open Evening on Wednesday this week, having also toured the school in the day. I have to say there were two elements that I found myself preoccupied by: firstly, just how similar schools are in what they do/present for Open Evenings; and secondly, how it was really difficult to take off the day-job hat and wear the parental one. 

I am looking forward to our Open Evening next week, as it will give a real opportunity to show off the transformation that is underway in the school. Whilst there is no need for existing parents to listen to the speech, you are more than welcome to pop in for a nose around at how we have developed the learning facilities for your children. 

An odd highlight of the week for me was talking to parents about the Poland trip on Thursday night. Ms Bowles asked me to go a while ago, and I agreed. I suppose I won’t ever get the love of history teaching out of my system. When I was a younger teacher, I took many trips away (obvious History trips like the landing beaches or the trenches, but also supporting language trips, e.g. history elements of a residential to Germany). I am still slightly apprehensive about leaving school for 3 days (it’s just the control freak in me, and not a reflection on the safe hands that I know I am leaving it in), but I am really excited to help provide a life changing opportunity for the students, and it is wonderful that so many Year 11s have taken the opportunity up after a few relatively fallow years. 

I did learn a valuable lesson this week. I was trying to work from home a little on Wednesday between school visits, and I remembered why I never do it – I am just bad at it! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pop out and get a haircut or anything, but I am too easily distracted and allow my mind to wander. It rather relates to the story I was telling the Year 11 Standards Evening last night about a random ex-student who sent me an invoice the other day (for the air con at school), and how she had been constantly distracted by her mobile phone (we agreed with her mum that she would hand her phone over for at least 2 hours every night for the duration of Year 11) which stopped her focus. I just wonder how true that has become of so many people in life-  that modern technology actually inhibits productivity?

Have a great weekend.

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