The Early Shift

The school was looking wonderful on Open Evening, and my huge thanks goes out to the whole school community for the night. I particularly enjoyed the fact that at the end of the evening several existing parents (as they picked their children up) took the opportunity to look around at the improved facilities, and it was lovely to hear how they felt the school had improved over the last few years. Like any improvement plan, things take time if they are to be done right: yes, there are short term fixes, but that has go alongside long term investments in facilities, staffing and relationships. Also, can I say a huge thank you to Helen Walker for letting us know that the sound system on the headsets stopped (it had worked fine in rehearsals and assemblies, so we will need find out why it failed on the night). Finally, a massive thanks to Archie, Brodie and especially Olivia for sharing the platform with me – I was only a little annoyed that Olivia was able to leave the stage straight away and go to Kaspers – if only that had been me!

At a personal level it has been an interesting week. When we appointed Mark Johnson as a site team member about 9 months ago, he declared he had a pre-booked holiday (I do confess that I hadn’t realised it was Open Evening Week!), so therefore 1 of my 3 key holders has been absent this week. Anyway, it has meant that I have had to do the early shift and unlock the school each day. It has been really interesting, and a little eerie, unlocking the school, but also has given me a strange sense of pleasure as I reflect on getting the school ready for the learning for that day. Without sounding like a moan, I am looking forward to having the alarm go off at a time that starts with a 5 next week and not a 4!

I guess its those around you that have to realise that the odd little thing can help each of us at individuals to get through a week like that.

Have a lovely weekend.

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