They shall not grow old

There’s nothing quite like getting an email entitled “Marshalls Park Students on the train from Seven Kings” during the holidays. As you would imagine, my inclination was that something had happened or that they had got in trouble. It’s a ridiculous reaction really, but its human instinct that we assume the worst when someone has taken the time to write an email. The reality was that a group of our Year 11 students had witnessed a very ugly incident on a train, and the police had to be called to take statements. The email actually came from a member of the public who thanked our students for helping to calm the situation and comfort passengers. She ended it with the line “it is easy to criticise young people but these were a credit to themselves and the academy”. I couldn’t agree more, and I swelled with pride that the students had responded so well – an absolute credit to our community and most importantly their families. We have managed to identify the students and I have managed to see the majority in person to praise them. I suppose it is a classic case of “not judging the book by the cover”, or perhaps the modern equivalent is “don’t presume the subject matter of the email will reveal the true contents”?

Hopefully during the break all the students had some rest (even including Year 11s with PPE next week), and that you enjoyed the various Halloween, Firework  and indeed Diwali events this week. Could I thank the parents that have completed the online Trust survey so far, and as a (final) reminder it closes at midnight tonight.

Whilst it is a pity the Year 11 missed the final assembly this week, we have spent a lot of registration time, P6 on Monday and some lessons focused on the 100th anniversary of the First World War Armistice. This culminated in the whole school assembly this afternoon. It is so important to remember sacrifice, regardless of our thoughts about the conflicts involved, and the bravery the individuals will have displayed in the face of adversity. The theme this week, encouraged by the Royal British Legion, has been “Thank You”, and all students completed the same task at the end of the assembly about writing a letter to one of the characters that inspired them from the week’s activities.

In the words of the poem, and title of the Peter Jackson colourisation film released to commemorate – “They Shall Not Grow Old”.

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