All of the people, all of the time?

Firstly well done to the Year 11 students for completing their exams this week with a real sense of rigour and purpose; I have been thoroughly impressed by their attitude and effort. As the students are sitting in their exam desks, it gives you a sense of both the beauty and challenge of our comprehensive education system. In the room there will be the budding medics who need every top grade during their exams to unlock the doors to their chosen career, through to the students that find accessing education a real challenge due to their learning needs: underneath we must remember we are still one community.

I received the parental survey results yesterday, with Steve Munday, and we were both very grateful for the volume of response – many thanks – and were pleased the large volume of support that our community is showing us. It will take time to consider all the responses, and we will respond accordingly in due course. However, it is a self-evident truth, given the range of students that I alluded to in the first paragraph, that everyone will want something different for their children, yet gelled together by the sense of one community.  

To use one example, there were comments about the amount of apps and online communications that we have introduced over the last 2 years; it will come as no surprise that the majority like the range of apps, but clearly those that dislike them will be hard to win over. The art of compromise to service a diverse community will always be a challenge; it is the old adage that you can’t keep all of the people happy all of the time. 

The last few days have demonstrated that very clearly in politics; whether we agree with the Brexit deal that Theresa May struck, whether we would rather remain, or whether we would rather have no deal, I think we can all agree that May has an incredibly difficult challenge in pulling our whole community together when so many [can so easily] disagree with the deal on the table. A parent contacted me about something last Sunday, and she was surprised that I picked up the email so quickly (there is always an element of luck at weekends about when exactly I check), and I reflected on how my job (and many jobs nowadays) are 24/7 365 days, but how much must part of Theresa May just be yearning for one of her walking holidays to get the head space to make those decisions. I hope we all agree that her position is unenviable this week?

It was lovely to meet lots of our new Year 7 parents last night, as we look at our how their children are settling in to our community for the next 5 years. Thanks to Mr Pilley and the team for coordinating.

Have a lovely weekend!

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