A Degree of Trust

The survey below, which I have mentioned in previous blogs, reminds us of our importance in the community; it shows the esteem to which the profession is held, and perhaps a reflection on how close we are to getting it right in the opinion of the public. I don’t think any of us think that we are right all of the time, but I think we do believe that our intentions are rarely selfish, and rather we are trying our best.

If anyone has been watching the ‘School’ programme on BBC2 on Tuesday evenings, it gives a real insight in to the pressures of the current education system, and in some cases the intolerable strain it places on individuals. Yet teachers and support staff come to school every day to guide students and try to help their lives.

To give just a little example of the trust that people place in us: 2 ex-students (currently in Year 13) dropped in on Wednesday to see the school and the staff. I ended up chatting to them briefly at the gate, and they were asking me my opinion about their choices for university. I only overlapped with those students for 15 months in the school, and yet they still respected my opinion about their future – that has very little to do with me personally, but far more to do with the trust children learn to place in their teachers.

Last night was a wonderful opportunity to congratulate our prize winners from last year, and see how their journeys are already evolving in the next phase of their lives. I think one of the great privileges of education is shaping lives, and then watching those students flourish in to adult life.

Have a wonderful weekend especially now the cold weather has set in!

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