Weighing Out The Ingredients of Success

As I was queueing past an accident this morning, it had that sobering effect of bringing me back down to earth after a really exciting day yesterday, albeit it gave me a bonus, extra period of time to contemplate the day ahead.

Yesterday was one of those days that you want to capture to show the students (and sometimes parents) what a Headteacher does “when you are not teaching, sir?”. It had it all! From meeting senior staff about colleagues to discussing improving pupil premium spend; from a Head teachers’ meeting at Bower Park to a contractors meeting around dining spaces; from improving lettings to completing a lesson observation of a teacher and then to Year 11 Parents Evening. On days like this, there can be a real adrenalin rush, you get that very real sense of making a difference to children’s lives in both the short term and long term, and I will be honest for numerous reasons it lead to (largely positive) sleeplessness.

I was saying to one student, and his parents, it is a simple adage in life “you get out what you put in”. We showed all the Year 11 students and parents where they sat in their usage of online revision tools, and how much progress and attainment they were making, and it facilitated some very helpful comments. I suppose in the end if you really know what you want, then you can get there by careful planning and a degree of self-sacrifice. Sometimes in life, you don’t quite know how long you have to get to your final goal, but with exams (and the few remaining parts of coursework), it is clear where the end point comes and it is simply a case of planning.

That message, however, is wider than just Year 11: students that plan the best in terms of their homework and learning will have the greater successes normally, and indeed it is a good motto in life. As I caught up on “The Apprentice” (one of those guilty pleasures), I watched the candidate making chocolate without weighing out ingredients: a basic error of not having a  plan, and consequently the team underperformed and lost.

Anyway, as we come to the end of term, we look forward to the school production (“Frozen” – tickets still available) and the Senior Citizens Christmas Party.

Enjoy the weekend, no doubt filled with Christmas shopping, and I might even put my tree up this weekend.

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