Important conversations

The staff training today has provided colleagues from across the Trust an opportunity to reflect on their practices, and in particularly our development of relationships with students. Dr Bill Rogers is a really engaging facilitator, and the staff appreciated the opportunity. It is rare that we have those opportunities to come together and genuinely discuss and reflect on our experiences in schools, and I am sure the students will feel the consequent benefits. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in having this extra training day.

After the dramatic week in politics, it is difficult to do justice to the normality of our daily settings; we have spent a lot of time checking how year 11 have settled back in to their studies, in what will be their last full term in the school; we have been impressed by their energies and endeavours, and the vast majority are well focussed on their forthcoming exams.

I would like to thank the year 8 tutors, Ms Hussain, and all the year 8 parents that we invited to attend the evening on Thursday; it really supported the development of those important conversations. The options evening in 2 weeks time will allow all year 8 students to make informed choices about their futures.

In sporting success, the performance of the volleyball teams in year 10 on Thursday was excellent, and we all now wish the teams well for the London games.

Have a lovely weekend, and let’s make sure we make time for conversations if they are important and matter.

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