New beginnings

This time last year we were having the challenge of keeping the school open in snow, and this year we have experienced record temperatures for February, and it has felt positively spring like. Not unlike many schools, we suffer from a lack of indoor space at social times (not the very wet days, when we open up the sports hall), so it has been nice this week watching the students heading outside more and enjoying their lunchtime exercise.

The Year 9 Parents Evening was very positive, as students look to finalise their options for GCSEs, and it was lovely to hear the comments from the parents about the school, staff and lessons. Like any institution, we know we can always do a better, but the vast majority of parents and students are now very grateful for the quality of learning that we provide. Indeed, as a soft measure, one of the invigilators stopped me during the latest set of Year 11 PPEs to say how much better students’ behaviour had become in the exam hall over the last 3 years, and I was more than happy to concur; it is one of those areas where we I feel an absolute zero tolerance has to apply to ensure all students are given the opportunity to focus on their exams for their futures.

I have seen a few schools recently have messaged about their student numbers for 2019, and I tend to avoid comments on these numbers. Suffice to say Marshalls remains incredibly popular; we are full for September, and the number of first choice applicants absolutely vindicates our decision (school and LA’s) decision to expand the school.

On a lighter note, and for a host of reasons, I had to use the school minibus to go to a meeting today – that’s a first for my career!

To return to the start, spring gives us that feeling of new beginnings and renewed optimism after the winter months; a time to look forward to the summer evenings and not commuting in darkness all the time!

Have a lovely weekend.

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