Brexit, Barometers and Bingo

So we are finally here, Brexit day…or rather, not. Fortunately, I am not allowed as a public servant to be overly and overtly political, but my overriding thought about the last few months, weeks, days, hours is the whole situation has become slightly farcical; however, more importantly, it seems to have slowed down other branches of government. Whilst it is clearly the most pressing issue to resolve, it is equally important that all aspects of life in the UK are led as well. The other day, Damian Hinds (the Education Secretary) was making clear noises about school funding, and the priority to listen to Headteachers’ calls for better school finances. Obviously being selfish for the profession, I hope it does help to further improve our schools; equally, as a political historian, I just find it indicative of the inertia that has been created by the predominance of the debates and deliberations about Brexit. Let’s leave it to the “great and good” at Westminster to decide today, whilst we raise funds at the PTA bingo for a new minibus. Although the irony that I had to meet Election Services on Monday to plan for a possible European election was not lost on me.

A brief word about Year 11 in school: it has been excellent watching and hearing about their GCSEs that in many respects are well underway. The students have done superbly in their drama and PE practical exams over the last week, and performances are being polished for their dance exams. Students are well engaged with different interventions from traditional revision to listening to examiners webinars. The message, as ever, is you get out what you put in – it’s not a cliché, it is a reality, and these hours pay off in the end.

With the arrival of spring, we have decided the field is now dry enough to use at lunch time; I try to keep the field open as much as possible at school, so that students can spread out and play their games; equally, it is a privilege and not a right, and it is important that students keep it tidy and behave accordingly.

We have had a number of visitors in school this week, but most pleasingly was the visit from our external quality assurance provider who recognised the continuous improvements in the school. We deliberately engage the services of a serving Ofsted Lead Inspector as a useful barometer of the school’s improvement journey, so it was reassuring that she was impressed by the staff and students in school.

Have a good weekend, and hopefully see some of you tonight at the bingo.

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