Finding Your Own Patch

It seems a long while since I wrote a blog, but even stranger that a welcome back message is now in May; regardless, I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter breaks and it has been lovely watching the students slide back in to their learning. On Tuesday mornings, I have a small reading club with Year 8 students, and it was great to hear their stories and activities from the holiday, and I have to confess that I have stolen one of their ideas for the May half term break after it was sold to me as a day out. That’s the wonderful thing about children, they give really honest assessments of whether activities are worthwhile.

The students have been great settling back in to routines, and finally the field has dried out fully to utilise it at lunch times. I have always felt the site copes betters with the numbers at social times when the field is open, and there is something joyful about watching students spreading out and finding their own patch of land to play, chat and relax.

I think the late holiday has left Year 11 with a very short run in to their exams, but it was good to see the students knuckling down to their MFL speaking assessments this week, and thank you to the staff involved for all their time. The Year 11 students have plenty of conflicting pressures at this time, especially the Art students who produce their final pieces next week, but also finishing off many last sections of controlled assessment and coursework. Well done to all the students for their positive attitude, and thanks again to all the staff involved in lessons and extra sessions.

Many thanks to our parents for their understanding about the change in car parking arrangements; it was strange watching the Youth Centre disappear. I didn’t come to work on the first day of the holidays (my family had already had their first week off in Essex, so I was in demand at home), and when Mrs Essery sent me a photo of half of the building already gone, it made me realise just how unsuitable that style of prefab accommodation was for schools. We now have lots of meetings about the new accommodation and the timelines of when we can build around the busy exam period in the hall, but hopefully the community can see the long term gains.

After only one week back, I hope you enjoy the long weekend and find your own patch for time to relax…sadly, my mood will be determined by football between 5.30 and 7.30 on Saturday!

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