Old Blogs, Old Memories

One of the habits I have when writing the blog is to re-read the blogs from the same week in previous years; it’s just a habit that I have developed to reflect on the school’s journey, and my own personal leadership. This week, perhaps in some respects unsurprisingly, could have virtually the same focus as previous years as Year 11 students head towards their final written exams whilst completing their “practical” elements in school. Over the last week, the students have performed really well in their French speaking exams, their art exams, and the dance performances; additionally, the students have been finishing off their projects (e.g. in technology), their evaluations, their PE coursework…the list is pretty extensive, as well as revision for exams. It is, of course, wonderful to see the students displaying their individual (and collective) talents. For me the tranquil focus of the art exam, where students have to remain in the zone for two days just makes me so envious of the talent that has been nurtured in the students. I suppose, a little like the dance show, there is a natural inclination to have a favourite piece. It’s not because those students are “favourites”, but because their work appeals and resonates with my likes and what I would prefer to watch [dance] or have hanging on my wall [art]. I try to avoid telling students which pieces I prefer, because they misconstrue that for favourite students, but I will quietly whisper to certain students which pieces I like. Next week, it is on to final written exams. Students have received their personalised plans for the next 4 weeks yesterday; so good luck for the coming few weeks.

Interestingly, this week last year was also the Brilliant Club graduation, and  our students had that opportunity again this week: this time it was Royal Holloway. Well done to all the students, and their interesting, well thought out dissertations. 

Similarly, to the last few years, as I write this, I am preparing for the governors’ development day at Havering Sixth Form College. Whilst as a governor it is my job to take a strategic view of the Sixth Form College, it is hard not to feel compelled to hear about the good news stories from our ex-Marshalls students. 

It is great to take the time to reflect; as I re-read the old blogs, it brings back memories, and other times it makes me think about the pressure of the decisions at the time: regardless, it is good reflect.

And that is almost the whole blog complete without referencing the week of football that we have just experienced: dramatic late goals that changed results and fans moods in an instant…and yes, that was just the Southend game! A special mention goes to recent alumni Dan Potts, who was promoted from League 1 to the Championship with Luton.  

Enjoy the weekend!

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