Generosity for our Prom

Last week a student knocked on my door at about 7.15am , and I was slightly surprised. Normally the earliest students don’t arrive until about 8am, albeit school has been open for staff for a couple of hours by then. She asked “My Mum said could I drop this off for Mrs Dann?”, and presented me a suit carrier. It was a suit from last year for the Prom, and was being donated by the parent so that it could be re-used by this year’s cohort. Behind the scenes, as well as all the work to organise the Prom generally, Mrs Dann (and others) do so much to try to support students who have less disposable income to still attend Prom, and one key aspect is having seconds for students to use. The suit was great, and I even checked whether it would fit me, but alas the last time I could get in to a 28-inch waist was probably when I was in Year 11!

There has been a lot in the press recently about whether the amount students (by which I really mean parents, I know) spend on Proms and therefore whether schools should stop them. My thoughts are that too much is spent on them, and that it does put a real pressure on less well-off families to still make the night special, but that the culture of Proms has taken root in our society over the last c. 15 years. (They certainly didn’t occur regularly when I started in the profession). However, the idea that one school should stop Proms and lead the crusade seems unpalatable. Ultimately, like any democracy, we have to sometimes follow the will of the people. As such, it is those individual acts of generosity that make going to Prom more affordable for all, so thank you to all that contribute, and feel free to donate after this year’s event tonight.

I spoke to the school on Monday to remind and update them about all the development works that are still planned for school. Interestingly, when I was interviewing Year 10 students for Head Girl and Head Boy on Monday (congratulations to Harry and Lily for getting the roles, by the way), many of the students said they enjoyed those assemblies. Privately, I have always worried that the students find those updates assemblies (I do them about every 6 months) slightly drier than the usual assemblies. I know the Office team have sent out various end of term reminders, but could I take this final opportunity to remind parents that we have 2 weeks before the end of term where students need to bring in food and drink for break and lunch.

Finally, thanks to the PE and Drama Departments for District Sports, Sports Day, and the Murder Mystery Production this week; especially well done to Charlie for being District Champion at 1500m.

On Monday, we are hosting the Met Police Project Trident evening in school. All the secondary schools in the Borough have/will host an evening. It is meant as a community event aimed at adults/parents to raise awareness of the challenges young people face in 21st century Britain, especially in the capital: please support the event.

Have a lovely weekend!

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