The Common Good

It’s always a slightly bitter sweet moment writing the last blog of term; whilst we all need a break – students and staff – it makes me realise that another year is coming to an end; I know there are 4 days left, but by the 22nd the school will have that empty lifeless feel. There will be staff in (especially site and IT teams) and various contractors, but not the students full of their excitement and endeavours. I come and go fairly regularly during the holidays to check on things, although nowhere near the hours of term time, and this year we have an added dimension of full network shutdown, so I can’t even stay in contact through email! On a serious note, from the 22nd July through to mid-August, we will have no IT systems including email access, so please accept our apologies in advance if you are trying to contact the school. (We will clear the backlog of emails when we are back up and running.)

The end of term is always tricky in terms of finding the right balance between opportunities (e.g. Inter Milan trip), field work (e.g. Epping Forest, Devon, Thames Barrier visits), day trips (e.g. Hampton Court), representing the school (e.g. Silverstone Dance Trip) and the obvious effect they have by creating cover. Coupled this year with no canteen facilities, it means the days are not “normal” for the students, but I hope the students can see the greater good. As I mentioned at Prize Giving, the common good and collective spirit put the men on the moon 50 years ago, and I hope that’s how students view this period.

On different note, I thought the Met Police presentation on Monday was excellent, and well-pitched to the parental and community audience. It is impossible to strike the balance between supporting the community, helping parents with parenting in the modern world, and avoiding being alarmist and reactionary – as the old adage goes, you can’t keep all of the people happy. I thought Peter Wilson spoke very clearly about the signs for parents to watch around their children being sucked in to gang involvement, but also a reality check about who are targeted. Thank you to the parents that attended, and for bringing others from the community.

Finally, a massive congratulations to all the prize winners from last night; it’s wonderful to celebrate their successes over the year; 10 months ago in September, as the baking hot summer came to an end, we all had our ideas and dreams of what we wanted for the months ahead, and the event epitomised the determination and successes of many individuals to meet those goals.

Enjoy your weekend.

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