Back in the Groove

I often to say to my PA that I don’t like the first and last weeks of term; it’s not really true, but there is that natural anxiety about everything working and everyone settling back in to the groove of the regimented school day. I wrote one of my earliest blogs at Marshalls about the complexity of relationships in schools and how many human interactions we experience as staff compared to other professions, and therefore it is a natural to feel anxious whilst those relationships settle back down at the start of the new academic year. This week has seen the community settle back in to those routines superbly, and it has been a pleasure to watch the students embark on their learning for the year ahead.

We hosted 2 Trustees and the CEO on Monday to review the school’s performance, and they were impressed by what they witnessed; the overriding comment was how pleased they were with the improvements especially over the last 2 years. My thanks to all the staff, students, trustees and parents that have made that progress possible.

A fair number of parents recognise that a significant part of my role is being strategic and therefore going to external meetings; it doesn’t mean to say I enjoy them all, and enjoyment certainly doesn’t always correlate with necessity. I have to say I enjoyed the Headteachers meeting this week at Coopers. Firstly, it was lovely to be greeted by one of their “prefects” who had left Marshalls last summer after her GCSEs; and secondly, we (the Heads) discussed the difficult and vexed issue of inclusion in the context of ever limited budgets.  The debate and different viewpoints were genuinely interesting.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and as for me I will be joining the golfers on Sunday at our fund raising day…I hasten to add I won’t be playing because I am awful at golf!

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