Another year, another vote/election; we were approached around 3 months ago by the local election officials to ask (mainly in the context of the new build) whether we would be prepared to be a polling station over the next few months (they were hedging their bets as to whether it would be for a General Election or a 2nd referendum) as it became increasingly obvious that parliament would not deliver Brexit by 31st October. Whilst, as ever, I agreed that we could be used as a polling station, it did lead to lots of guessing and predictions about when an election might occur. My only [public] hope – given this is a general election – is that it isn’t dominated purely by Brexit. My private thoughts should always remain private as someone that works influencing the minds of young people, and the next generation of voters.

Partly related, Andrew Rosindell had confirmed his attendance at our community event tonight – the Fireworks – before the election was called; we have briefly communicated this week to ensure that both parties are comfortable with him being here still given his long standing support for the school and the community. Suffice to say that we are both still looking forward to the event which, as well as bringing our community together, will raise valuable funds for a new school minibus. There are still some tickets available on the door, but we have sold around 900 tickets already. My huge thanks to the Friends of Marshalls Park for organising event (licences, security, tickets, vendors etc.) and in particular Mrs Walker in the office. I am sure the evening will be a great success.

Could I take this opportunity to wish Year 11 all the best ahead of their exams next week; they have been working really hard in lessons recently (albeit a few need to understand revision, at home, is a big part of success), and I am sure the vast majority will improve on their summer outcomes in readiness for next year’s GCSEs proper.

Finally, as you understand this has been a sad week in school; our thoughts and prayers remain with Ms Evans and her family; rest in peace Alex.

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