Unlocking Potential

The improvement the Year 11 students have made since their Year 10 exams are clear for all to see in their attitude, and from feedback from those scripts already marked. That process of routines and expectations for exam performance is critical for students to achieve well. Many thanks as well to all the staff that are putting in the time to mark and feedback to students.

Every year in schools up and down the country there will be many young people who are beginning to realise that they are under-prepared for their final exams; they may have been really conscientious throughout the school day, but not done enough revision; they may have overly-focused on a few subjects and not realised how the learning process in different subjects supports across; they may have experienced a teacher absence during their preparation (I went to school during the 80’s strikes, so I know personally how much this affected my learning); they may have too many distractions and issues in life to focus on their studies. So many issues for young people to cope with, but ultimately how the students confront those challenges will unlock their potential and allow them successes. Last night, at prize giving we were able to celebrate those successes from our cohort last year, but many of those students will have faced similar trials and tribulations through their time in school; in the end, it is not the various issues that are faced, it is the resilience to persevere and flourish that matters.

As a uniform reminder, we expect students to take off all outside coats when they enter the buildings; whilst I appreciate it is getting colder/wetter outside, we must make sure that we maintain high standards inside. Furthermore, and I appreciate clothing companies don’t help with the distinctions in their marketing, we are seeing a number of students wearing hoodies as coats, and then complaining that they are soaking wet. It is really important that on wet days, parents ensure students wear suitable waterproof jackets so that students are not soaked before they arrive to learn.

Have a lovely weekend

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