The difference a day makes!

It was slightly surreal yesterday to be without broadband all day; in the modern world we are used to the odd outage, but rarely does it affect us for so long. The issue was quite a long way “down the line” where a piece of hardware failed, but it makes you realise how much we rely on that connectivity. Anyway, apologies for the lack of app messages or ability to receive/send emails, plus (more importantly) the various lessons that had improvised yesterday because content wasn’t accessible.

It was a great opportunity for Year 11 students to reflect on their performance so far yesterday, and I had/heard many conversations during the day about how the students will tackle the next 6 months; as ever, the ultimate person that controls the students’ destiny [in terms of results] is themselves; we, both as parents and teachers, can guide, encourage and nurture, but the consistency of response and commitment is down to the individual.

Today has been an odd day, as I have spent a lot of time looking at the pricing and type of furniture for the new build; I can’t say it’s the most riveting way to spend part of a Friday, but ultimately still necessary. All in a day’s work.

Finally, it must be getting close to Christmas as I have started judging the Yuletide Log competition in Year 7 Food lessons!

Have a lovely weekend

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