New Year, New Term

Welcome back to the new term, and indeed a new decade; I think I spent half of the break seeing people listing their favourites of the decade (best team, best film, best music etc.), and I am sure it was all good fun. As I said before the break, this holiday is always a good time to reflect on past goals, and set new ambitions, and I think those opportunities to reflect can be really cathartic.

For various reasons, I had to take lots of visitors around the school on Wednesday, but most notably that included 2 Headteachers: Mrs Wilson from Parklands Junior (and her Deputy, Mr Stevens) and separately Mr Stananought from Harris Rainham; all the visitors were impressed by our staff and students, and in particular the productive working atmosphere that they witnessed. This was a lovely way to start the term, and made me feel very proud of our community.

Enjoy the weekend.

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