An eventful week!

Apologies for the brevity of the blog this week, but as you are aware we have Ofsted in; I knew I was in for a busy week when I lost a crown on my tooth on Sunday, my car broke down on Tuesday morning, had a close relatively rushed in to King George’s on Tuesday night, the Year 8 pathways evening, and that’s before I fretted about the pitiful state of Southend United transfer policy!

I won’t be able to say anything about Ofsted for a while, but to reassure the community, we have been expecting the call for several months now; my text to Mr Munday simply said “get here”, and he knew exactly what I meant. The support from the parents, staff and students has been excellent, and the parent view results endorse my view of the school.

After a busy week, I might even find time and allow myself a quiet beer tonight.

Enjoy your weekends.

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