To reflect and look forward

It’s been slightly surreal this week at work in a post-Ofsted phase; we can say very little about the experience until 5 days before the report goes live on the Ofsted website (that takes about 3-5 weeks), but naturally parents, students and staff alike are speculating on its content. As such this week has felt a little like the morning after the night before, but as soon as I can share the report I will.

We had some very healthy discussions at the LSAB (Local School’s Advisory Board) on Thursday about the next priorities for the school, and in particular the [always] vexed issue of homework; we are trying to get the balance right between challenging students to work hard for readiness for later life, whilst allowing the flex to enjoy their lives. Interestingly, having spent significant parts of the weekends since September getting my eldest into learning habits at home, I can entirely emphasise with the issues, and indeed this week’s English task is to write a persuasive piece to his Headteacher to end homework! My overall thought, and said without judgement, is that there is a wide variability of both quality and frequency of homework set from Junior and Primary schools [across the whole country], as such our main priorities in Year 7 is try to shape Year 7 work habits ready for the next 4 years.

Having been committed to meetings pretty solidly from Wednesday – Friday last week, I have to confess that I have just enjoyed going around school this week and sampling the learning; I joined a Year 9 Spanish class for their lesson on ordering food and understanding menus, was fascinated by the Year 11 Art GCSE Project for this year (So many opportunities to link in History), I was completely baffled by the Year 11 Physics lesson and listening to my various reading groups; furthermore, I was interested in joining some of the Year 7-10 tutor groups looking in to the various genocides that we focussed on last week. It is just refreshing to remind ourselves of that overall purpose of what we do as a team.

It was nice to see the time capsule article in the Romford Recorder this week, and reminds us of the bright future the school has ahead of itself.

Have a lovely weekend.

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