Our raison d’etre

It’s feels slightly odd writing a blog from home, especially given the volume of letters that I have written/co-authored in the last 2 weeks. It’s also feels strange that understandably the only thing that predominates the news and our thoughts is the Coronavirus pandemic, and yet my contributions to the debate would be so limited.

Indeed I have seen many celebrities claiming they understand this virus and offering expert opinions, and indeed many school leaders; as I said to the students in the assemblies last Friday, I am not an epidemiologist, and I just have to trust our politicians are making the right decisions based on science and public health. I am certain that we will be studying these events in years to come in history.

My saddest moments these week have been in school;  being in a virtually empty building feels soulless. I have, as you would imagine, been in when the school is empty in the holidays, but that’s an occupational hazard; this is different, I want the school to be normal and full of the happy voices of young people, it’s our raison d’etre as teachers!

We have had to put many rotas in place, but one is that the senior team will call colleagues to check on their welfare; already I have everything from potential cases of corona through to my old job was working on oil rigs (I am used to working in isolation). I suspect that’s just typical of society, as we adjust for this period. I won’t publicly speculate how long I think it will go on, but I doubt the churches will be packed by Easter as Trump stated.

As for me, I am doing what all our parents and carers are doing, and home educating Ethan and Aidan. Needless to say, I was pleased to see that Aidan’s year 5 English work was based on Roman gladiators, and of course it has given us the opportunity to watch Russell Crowe in the evenings as a reward. I can’t say I like the film much, but have always liked his commitment to his native Australia, and particularly the NRL team that he owns, the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

I have to be honest, and being lucky enough to have my own small garden, I have put a dartboard up outside in this glorious weather. I haven’t played for years (except the odd game in my local), but my aim is to get my average above 70 by the end of the lockdown period…top score so 138 (I just dragged the last dart slightly low in to the 18).

Normally I try to rotate the blogs (personal, educational policies, and student experiences), but I guess it might be a little more personal over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I hope you are all able to stay safe and well; remember stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives.

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