A step forward

I know is nothing like being fully open, but this week has been wonderful to see students in school again; to have those human interactions and to have deeper conversations about their well-being and work. My heart felt gratitude to all the parents for their support, but particularly Mrs Collins (and her tutor team) for their work in making the plan real on the ground. I know lectures (not all sessions will be lectures by the way) may be an odd experience for 15 year olds, but it is a step back towards normality.

The other issue of prominence from the last fortnight that we haven’t been able to address effectively by not being in school is the Black Lives Matter campaign. Like most “companies” SWECET have produced a statement condemning the murder of George Floyd, and our support for the campaign, and that is on our website. The truth though is that to really deal with the root of the problem we have to go back into our own history, and focus on challenging, big questions, e.g. Winston Churchill’s colonial legacy, or how 11 former governors of the Bank of England profited from the slave trade; equally, we must remember that it is easy to judge those people using modern standards, it is far harder to understand the culture that those politicians operated under at the time. I was listening to Simon Schama, probably our most prominent historian in the UK, discussing race relations progress in this country over the last 50 years and he hit the nail on the head, he said it is wrong to say we haven’t made progress, we have made progress, but we haven’t made enough. I really hope this movement helps keep this debate at the forefront of the political agenda, so whilst examining the past we make significant strides forward in the present towards true equality.

I hope you have a lovely weekend

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