Morale boosting

So many things that I could debate and focus on, I would just like to say what a great distraction the Homeletics have been; William Edwards organised it for the Thurrock schools and then asked us as a guest invite, but it has been great to see the communal reaction from our sporty (and some less sporty in my case) types. Regardless of the debate around the gradual unlock and its pace, we still need these types of distractions to keep our morale up.

I know it’s only 2 forms for Year 10 each day, plus growing numbers of students accessing our whole day provision, but it really feels like a small slice of normality is returning. Our SLT meetings this week have focussed on September – timetables, sets, rooms, staff allocations, assessment calendars, diary dates etc. (a more formal update next week hopefully) – and it has been really refreshing getting some medium term planning in. I don’t for one second think that we don’t have short term issues to still work through, but we must (partly for our future well-being) focus on that planning, and move on from the natural crisis management phase that we have been through.

I also think that the weather has been a useful distraction as well this week, although whether people are using the common sense (that Boris Johnson asked for), judging by the scenes on the beaches up and down the country, it seems unlikely. I am sure like most of the country, the biggest concern/fear is a second spike, and I really hope that we don’t jeopardise the easing of lock down with our urgency to hit the beaches now and (presumably) the pubs and restaurants from 4th July.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and only a week until I can get a proper haircut.

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