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A massive thank you for the first week back and all of the community’s understanding as we “re-boot” in school; it has been a monumental effort to get everyone back in, and back to the core purpose of lessons whilst testing all the students – at the last count all Years 9-11 had undertaken their second tests. There are, of course many questions that students (and staff) have as we enter this phase, and I don’t always have the answers yet. What I do know is that we have tried to couple empathy with efficiency this week, so we can prioritise getting everyone back in to routines. As a parent of adolescent children, I can entirely understanding the challenge of just getting them in to habits of getting out of bed again and getting ready for school!

Can I say a particular thank you to Mrs Solis, Mr Chalk, the staff and community volunteers that have helped out in the testing centre; even if there is a national debate about the legitimacy/accuracy of the testing, it has undoubtedly helped the community to feel reassured about returning and helped settled students back in to school.

I appreciate this is only a short blog this week, but the priority for me is being on the ground, and I will get back in to more routine patterns in the weeks ahead.

Have a lovely weekend.