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Welcome to Marshalls Park Academy

I felt incredibly proud to be appointed the Headteacher of Marshalls Park in January 2016, and to be given the opportunity to lead the school in the next phase of its journey. From the outset, we have set out to provide the students with a rich, self reflective learning environment where we promote students in having virtues such as: resilience, curiosity, drive and ambition.

In that respect, we believe that the academy provides every student with the opportunity to succeed, both academically and personally, during their 5 years at the school. The school is a popular, heavily over-subscribed school, and that demonstrates how our students and parents/carers share those values.We believe that we provide an academic education, that is grounded in strong literacy and numeracy, that allows students to gain self-confidence and self-esteem to flourish in both the local community and modern world.

Equally, it is important that we uphold the strong traditions of Marshalls Park, and that includes a commitment to providing students with a rounded education. We have a reputation built over many years for success in drama, and the school’s productions are high quality, well attended events. In that regard, performance comes in many forms including through our excellent range of sports teams.

Overall, we believe that working in partnership with the students and the parents/carers that we can provide an environment and culture that allows all students to be successful.