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Extra Curricular Offer

At Marshalls Park Academy, we have worked collaboratively to devise extra-curricular rationale, which underpins our key values for learning and the development of the whole child. This is because extra-curricular activities help students to learn about themselves and develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts.

We are of the belief that our bespoke extra-curricular activities will help develop our students in the following ways:

  1. Enhanced academic attainment

Extracurricular activity can help students develop their focus, psychological stamina and an ability to deal with a variety of situations. These are all clearly traits required for academic exams. Students who take part in extracurricular activity everyday are more inclined to have higher levels of academic improvements than those who do irregular or no extracurricular activity a day.

  1. Seek out new talents

Extracurricular activity is a fantastic opportunity to teach students to go beyond their comfort zone and to explore hidden talents they did not know they possessed. If students engage with a wider range of extracurricular activity they are more likely to develop in confidence and overall satisfaction with themselves.

  1. Uplifted self-esteem

When we achieve success our self-esteem gets a boost. If during extracurricular activities we can create a relaxed environment where learning new skills is fun and with some elements of competition, we promote success and self-esteem without pressure from assessment.

  1. Social freedom

With each new extracurricular activity attended, the more students will socialise with their peers outside of the classroom setting. This allows them to create new relationships with a wider range of peers. These social situations give students the chance to develop key social skills such as teamwork, listening and leadership.

  1. Constructive academic breaks

Extracurricular activity offers students a chance to break away from everyday school life so they can recharge their batteries and top-up their motivation for when they return to studying. Giving the students the chance to ‘switch off’ their academic thoughts can be the relaxing break they need, and as we know, what better break is there for the body than exercise?

  1. Fundamental life experiences

Extracurricular activity promotes vast amounts of essential life skills required by students. Within a controlled and relaxed environment, students can develop skills such as goal setting, teamwork, time management, prioritising, problem-solving, analytical thinking, leadership and public speaking.

  1. Teacher & student relationships

Relationships with students are enhanced when outside of the classroom. Extracurricular activity is one of the greatest chances to build relationships and show students you are both human and caring.