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Safeguarding Policies

MPA Safeguarding Policy May 2021

Encompass letter for parents

MPA Safeguarding Policy addendum: Covid-19

Attendance Policy

Health & Safety Policies

SWECET Health & Safety Policy (Trust-wide)

MPA Local Health & Safety Policy

E-Safety Policy

Security Policy


SEN & Disabilities Policies

SEN Policy

Accessibility Plan

Supporting students with medical needs


School Parents Policies

Complaints Policy


School Student Polices

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Principles

School uniform policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Peer on peer abuse policy

Attendance Policy

Cycling Policy

Homework Policy


School Staff Policies

Apprenticeship Guidance

Lone Working Policy

Grievance Procedure

Induction Process

LGPS Discretions Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Code of Conduct

Capability Procedure

Cover and PPA for Secondary Schools

Pay Policy

Teachers’ Severance Policy 

Sickness Absence Management Policy

Sabbatical Policy

Requirements to work in the UK

Redundancy & Re-structuring Policy

Recruitment Policy

Paternity Leave (Birth) Policy & Guidance

Paternity Leave (Adoption) Policy & Guidance

Maternity Leave Policy & Guidance

Adoption Policy

Shared Parental Leave (Adoption) Policy & Guidance

Agency Workers Regulations Guidance

Equality & Diversity in Employment

Flexible Working

Leave of Absence and Guidance

Performance Management Procedure (all staff)

Discipline and Dismissal Procedure

Pre-employment Checks Procedures

Probation Procedure


School Finance Policies

Charging & Remissions Policy

Academies’ Financial Handbook


Local School Advisory Board

LSAB & Trustee Visit Report & Guidance

LSAB Terms of Reference

Scheme of Delegation


General School Policies

Complaints Policy

Behaviour principles written statement

Uniform Policy 


Examination Policies


Ofqual Appeals Policy

Access Arrangements Policy

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Data Protection Policy

Disability Exams Policy

Exam Emergency Evacuation

Exam Contingency Plan

Exams Archiving Policy

Exams Policy

Internal Appeals Policy

NEA Policy

Special Consideration Policy

Word Processor Policy