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The School Day

In July 2023, the Department for Education set out its expectation that all state-funded mainstream schools need to deliver a school week of at least 32.5 hours by September 2024 at the latest.

The 32.5 hour minimum expectation includes the time in each day from the official start of the school day (i.e. morning registration) to the official end of the compulsory school day (i.e. official home time).  The 32.5 hour minimum includes lunch times and other breaks as well as teaching time and any enrichment activities that all pupils are expected to attend. It does not include optional before or after school provision.

At Marshalls Park students are in school for the following duration:

8.35am Registration 8.35am
8.55am Period 1 8.55am
9.55am Period 2 9.55am
10.55-11.15am Break in zones (students use toilets in their areas) 10.55-11.15am
11.15am Period 3 11.15am
12.15pm KS3 Lunch Period 4 12.15pm
12.45pm Period 4 KS4 Lunch 12.45pm
1.45pm Period 5 1.45pm
2.50pm Registration 2.50pm
2.55pm Year 7 Departure
3.00pm Year 8 & Year 9 Departure
Year 10 Departure 3.05pm
Year 11 Departure 3.05pm

Please note that Monday departure is 25 minutes later to allow for Period 6.

This ensures that all students are in school for a minimum of 36 hours and 40 minutes each week, excluding the extended Monday.