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Our Curriculum


At Marshalls Park Academy we aim to provide our students with a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to every one of our learners. Our curriculum is flexible enough to allow targeted individual students to have their own bespoke programmes of study so that they can make as much progress as possible. A range of extra-curricular activities enriches and supplements the main programme.

All our year groups follow the National Curriculum, studying subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, RE and PE. All students also study PSHE through registration, period 6 lessons, drop down lessons and flexi-days. Issues such as financial management, study skills, Sex and Relationships Education, mental health awareness, work related learning, Britishness and what is means to be British are studied.

Our students follow a broad curriculum to introduce them to a range of specialist subjects. The content is described in more detail on our subject curriculum pages. Students are assessed in a wide range of skills that help to prepare them for the rigours of Key Stage 4. Our year 7 and 8 curriculum builds in adaptations and flexibility, as appropriate. For example, some students may need extra support with Literacy and Numeracy and, by careful monitoring; this is implemented for students as appropriate.

Our curriculum is enriched by a wealth of other activities on offer such as field trips, theatre visits, sporting events, musical instrument tuition, drama productions, activity holidays, revision classes and art gallery visits.

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