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Year 8 Pathways

Please find below information regarding Year 8 Pathways and the Options available to students.  You should set some time aside to sit down with your child to view this presentation and then go through the subsequent information with them to help choose their Options.

Once you have viewed presentation, please click on the relevant buttons where you will be able to:

  • view the presentation slides again
  • read through the Pathways Booklet
  • read about Optional Subjects available in Year 9
  • find instructions on how students can access the SIMS Student App and choose their Options

We have also included informative presentations on each Optional Subject which include Art, Dance, Drama, Design & Technology, Food, Music and PE.  These presentations also have audio alongside them but, to hear it, you will need to access the presentations on a PC.


Please click on the buttons below to read:  the presentation slides; the Pathways Booklet; the Optional Subjects; and how students can access SIMS Student to choose their Options

Please click on the Optional Subjects to read and hear some more in-depth information on each subject.  To enable audio, the presentation will need to be viewed on a PC and then start the slideshow.  Alternatively, you can simply read them on your mobile:




Design & Technology